Saturday, 19 November 2011

Problems with blogger?

Morning Peeps
I'm having real trouble with blogger at the mo! As you can see I can post a new post, but my blog looks different (the background doesn't show up and the font is different) and I can't access anyone else's blog at all!! Grrrrr! I'm getting really frustrated, I've allowed blocked pop-ups for blogger, but this hasn't made any difference! Oh and I can access my comments so I will be able to read any if you can help me!
Thank you :)
UPDATE: Problem fixed! It was to do with a firewall, took me all blummin' morning to sort it!


Mandy said...

Hey hunny, sorry you are having probs, such a pain.
Your background looks fine to me hun, the only thing I would suggest that may help is if you've used temlate designer remove all customisations and then start again which is what I did when mine went haywire and fingers crossed it fixed it, or try "blogger help" if nobody can help.
Hope it's fixed for you soon :)
hugs Mandy xx

Sarpreet said...

try a different browser?

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