Saturday, 9 July 2011

Archie's First Day At Home!!

Hello Peeps

I'm afraid I don't have any cards today, but I hope our new puppy makes up for it!! :D  He's a gorgeous Cavalier King Charles and he's our first puppy, so if anyone has any hints and tips it'll be much appreciated! :D

Thank you for visiting us today, hopefully I'll be back with some crafting!


Annie said...

Kelly he is adorable! just make sure you have lots of kitchen roll to mop up puddles and I'd suggest garden visits every hour!
hugs, annie x

Wishcraft said...

Awwww!!!! Oh my goodness Kelly, how cute is he?! What an adorable puppy, hope you have lots of fun with him :o) Lisa x

Helen said...

OMG - he's so cute!!! I want one! lol advice...I was a newborn when my parents had a puppy...but I loved having dogs around when I was growing up. Have fun!
Helen x

Doreen said...

Oooh Kelly how cute is

Liz, said...

Aww, I want one of those! Lots of newspaper!

Liz x

jenny said...

Aww cute!!! We got our 1st puppy last year, he's now 1and a 1/2 and such fun!
I'm with Annie.....out to the garden as often as possible :) He'll soon get the hang of it! Once you and him master this you can move onto more training :)
Have fun x

Jenny xx

angelwhispers said...

My word hes so adorable!!! Have fun Chanelle xx

Pops x said...

awwww adorable x

Lau W said...

OH My God ! He's so adooooorable ! Little kisses to this sweet puppy !

Elizabeth said...

Archie is totally adorable - he'll have you wound round his little paw already! It's a long time since I had puppies to train but what I do remember is that we had loads of newspaper, placed near their bed to start with, which was slowlym over time,eased towards the door and eventually out into the garden. I think you can buy trainer sheets now that serve the same purpose as newspaper but have a waterproof backing - should save some of the puddly messes. Have fun :) Elizabeth x

Donna Mosley said...

OMG! Kelly, he is gorgeous. Hope you have a lovely time with your new addition. :o)

Donna x

Distressed Miss said...

Oh he is gorgeous Kelly really pleased for you.
See you soon
Big Hugs

Wendy said...

Awwww hes so adorable Kelly,have fun and give him a big hug from me.
Wendy xx

Sally said...

Definetely won me over already he is just adorable. Really really cute. Lots of hugs Sally xxx

Jennifer said...

Awwwwwww!....I want him! Have a wonderful weekend! xx Jenny xx

coops said...

awwwww he is so gorgeous kelly.such a sweet little face :D
enjoy your new puppy hun

xx coops xx

Sarpreet said...

such a gorgeous puppy

CraftygasheadZo said...

Oh my! So cute. I remember my cousin having a King Charles and holding him at this age. So sweet and lovable. I want one! lol As to tips, puppies are like children! Start out as you mean to go on and stick to your rules from day one. Enjoy! Zo x

Bev said...

Aaah he's a little doll xxxxx Loving the white tips on his paws lol.

Kelly did your breeder give you a puppy pack hun? If so stick to the diet, training etc that she has already set in place for at least the first month. Give him lots of quiet time (one of those travel crates left with the door open where he can go and chill out is good). Hopefully the breeder will have sent a toy and a blanket with his mam's and siblings scent on which is a huge comfort to him.

Most important is to stick to a routine that he is used to, but not too many of the hard rules please - he is a baby and people tend to lose sight of that sadly, whatever you invest in him now - love, time and training will heap the hugest of rewards. Enjoy him hun, cavvies are the BEST, most loving doggies on this planet and all they ever want to do is make you happy :)

On fab thing is the puppy training pads, my pups are trained to use those from 3 weeks old when they are in their pen, but regular trips outside in the garden should he him housetrained soon.

If you didn't get a puppy pack email me bevscrafts@gmail dot com and I will send you what I hand out - diet sheet, training hints and tips etc.

Mandy said...

Aww congrats on your new baby mommy, obviously I had to come and find him when I found your comment lol.
He is beutiful Kelly and I love his name :) Lots of love & cuddles and training pads. I think Bev has already covered the rest already.
Enjoy him & give him a big kiss from me
hugs Mandy xx

Anonymous said...

He is mega cute have fun with Archie, hugs me x

Mel X said...

Awww Kelly he is so adorable!! What a little bundle of fun and mischief!! Is he giving you sleepless nights at all?

Mel X

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