Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Is it just me?

Hey Peeps

Is it just me? I've just spent approximately 3 - 4 hours tonight finishing off the inside of my cards!! Lost count but think I did about 20 odd!  I'm just so lazy! Note to self: will always finish a card completely before starting the next! :D  Hmmm.......we'll see how long that lasts!

Hopefully see you all tomorrow with a card, want to do one for the Less Is More challenge!

Take care :)


Donna Mosley said...

I'm the same Kelly but then you feel you could have done some colouring instead. I spent 2 hours sorting through my craft stuff yesterday. Wish I had just made a card instead.

Donna x

xxxtglxxx said...

Well done you :)

I dont want to gloat (ha ha) but I usually do the inside of my card before I start the next project - kind of like a warm up, and a good clearing of my desk inbetween. I would rather use scraps up on the inside, than fill a box with oddments.

If I didnt do it then, I would probably never find the matching bits later anyway! :D



Mandy said...

I'm the same hun, and I end up frantically making boxes for them to go in. I can't believe I used to decorate the inside of my card properly and add another coloured image, those days are long gone, a quick insert is as good as it gets from me now lol
hugs Mandy xx

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