Sunday, 16 October 2016

Any tips please?

Hi peeps
I've just coloured for the first time with my Derwent Coloursoft pencils and I'm not entirely happy with it, so if anyone has any tips it would be greatly appreciated ;)
Thank you for visiting today :)


coops said...

Gorgeous Hedgie Kelly.I have just had some coloursoft pencils too, they are nice but I am still struggling to find a nice card to use them on, the best so far is some Bristol board card I had , I find them harder to blend with sansador than my polychromo pencils.I am still learning too so I will be interested in reading anyone`s advice too.I love the Derwent Inktense better as you can get a finer detail.The coloursoft tend to break easy don`t they?
Hugs Nic.xx

Lee said...

Hi Kelly have you looked on Google for Tutorial's or on Pinterest.Good

Carol S. said...

Cute hedgie and a sweet card. I bought some of the pencils from the factory in the Lake District. I find they work better on Langton smooth 300gsm watercolour paper (card}. I put a small amount of colour where I want it and then use a damp paint brush and take colour off the pencil. I still prefer to use Distress Inks though! Hope this helps. Hugs, Carol S. xx

Sue from Oregon said...

I used a blending solution and paper nibs to blend my coloring when I used pencils. I think it was Windsor something or other LOL...good luck ♥ Sue Kment

Carole Pollard said...

Hi Kelly not used these pencils but i use Derwent Inktense pencils a lot and quite like them they take a bit of getting used to so stick with it. I use the Derwent water colour card you can get an A$ pad on ebay around £8. I've used Langton hot press as well but it is quite creamy and darker then the Derwent card but does work well Hope this helps love and hugs Carole x

Kat W said...

This looks fab to me and I especially love the texture on the cute hedgie.
Sadly, I can't help much as I have Inktense pencils which are water-based so the blending would be totally different. I couldn't find much to help me when I started out with Inktense though and can highly recommend just spending a good amount of time playing with them and finding out what works for you.
I think the recommendations from others to try different card is a great one as you may find one brand much better than any other for your style, and it seems to be a very personal thing!
I look forward to seeing how you get on with these pencils and just have fun with them :-)
Big hugs, Kat xx

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