Sunday, 29 January 2012

Archie's New Coat! :D

Morning Peeps
I said I'd show you Archie in his new coat and here he is! I think he had it on for about 5 minutes, he wouldn't go any further than 2 steps from the front door! I can't think why! :D
Get me outta this thing!
Anyhoo, I'm off to craft, I didn't get round to any yesterday, I fell asleep in the chair again! Must be me age! :D


Doreen said...

OMG he is just gorgeous in his new

Lee said...

Awwww bless him,sorry Archie but you make me smile,you are just soooo darn gorgeous.Love your new coat you really look the business.I love the expression on his iccle face too.Huggles to

Sarah said...

Oh My Word - isn't he just the most adorable!! Poor ickle thing, he looks most put out as well - you've obviously just completely killed his street cred!!! (Do they even call it that anymore?).


coops said...

aw so sweet.just look at his face,he is not amused :D

xx coops xx

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Hee-hee, how cute. He's a beautiful dog.

Annie said...

well he might be glad of that coat today, and the next few days. It's even freezing here in Cornwall!
hugs, annie x

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