Sunday, 25 December 2011


Hello Peeps
Hope everyone is having a fabulous Christmas Day and are suitably stuffed to the gills, I've only just managed to have pudding! But there's no rush is there! :D  And we've got another two meals to go yet, we're at me Mum 'n' Dad's tomorrow and then at the in-laws the day after! Phew!
And as you can see Archie had great fun with all the wrapping paper and then eventually with one of his pressies  :D
Oh, just before I go there's 10% off everything at The Glitter Pot just for today, so I er...... ordered afew more Penny Black's! Ooops! :D
 Take care,


Sue from Oregon said...


Unknown said...

Awwww how sweet is he! Hope he liked his present. Sarah

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